Channels, variables and display names


First : Forgive me in case I’m asking things that I’ve could have found out easily. I just installed Asterisk 2 days ago :smile:

I’ve got a couple of Aastra 6757i phones, that are working. IP, provisioning, etc works fine. They also register with Asterisk, and a basic dialplan just works. I’m getting lost when it comes to advanced stuff. I’m using basic dialplans (extensions.conf), and plan to go to Lua (extensions.lua) when I’ve got certains things figured out. Basic stuff works in both.

I want to do hot-desking. Dialing #7XX logs me in with the 7XX number. That brings me two problems :

Where do I store device state ? I want to keep somewhere that user 732 is logged into device 00085D33D692. I can’t use a channel variable, since that goes away after the call (right ?). There is no concept if device variables as far as I know of. I could store it in the ADB, SQLite or something like that, but it seems a bit overkill.

I also need to store that for incoming calls : I need to do a Dial() to the right SIP device when someone calls 732 internally.
Can anyone point me in the right direction ? The Definitive Guide doesn’t give me enough info (or I looked over it).

Second issue is the name on the device. I’ve got :

sip device name: test123 in the devices configfile, and that work. I want to change that after a user logs in to their name or number. I’ve tried all variants I could find of Set() I could find. Can that name be changed, and if yes, how ?

Thanks in advance for all advice / hints.



First question: see if this helps … lbackLogin

Second question: no, why?

Take a o look on the GUIDE on the section “Hot-Desking with the Asterisk Database”

[quote=“david55”]First question: see if this helps … lbackLogin

that is deprecated. The replacements works, but that uses a DB. If that is the way to go, no problem, Lua can access sqlite, so that would mean a solution. i was wondering if there is a device variable scope somewhere.

Second question: no, why?[/quote]

a static display name isnt very usefull. Its more usefull if I can change it. I have no idea if this is even possible however.



That doesn’t seem to handle changing the display name.

I was referring to the workaround.

I’m not clear what you mean by the display name, now. Caller ID can be manipulated.

[quote=“david55”]I was referring to the workaround.

I’m not clear what you mean by the display name, now. Caller ID can be manipulated.[/quote]

What is behind sip device name is displayed on the phone display. i want to change that text at runtime. On the Aastra, the text is on the right top.

That’s controlled by the phone, not by Asterisk. It doesn’t necessarily have to match with what goes over the wire.

Hmm… I wonder how people handle this. I’ll make it a secondary prio.