Channels not being destroyed

hi I am running asterisk 1.2.29 (only because I have no other choice) at a site, recently upgraded from 1.2.13.

I am having major problems at the moment with channels not being destroyed. I have one pri card installed and an iax trunk (max 12 calls) to another box for cell phone calls.

When i do a show channels i get the following:

251 active channels
306 active calls

these numbers just keep getting bigger and bigger by the minute.
when i type reload i get the following:
The previous reload command didn’t finish yet

I have killed asterisk, did a /etc/init.d/zaptel restart as well with everything ok.

when i do a show modules i get some alarming numbers as well A-law Coder/Decoder 361 Mixed Audio Monitoring Application 268 Microsoft WAV format (Proprietary GSM) 220 GSM/PCM16 (signed linear) Codec Translat 220 Extension Macros 267 Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) 171 Local Proxy Channel 71

Please I really need some help with this