Channel Event Logging (CEL) RADIUS - strange attribute value

Hello Every body,

I have configured CEL to send to a radius server. Asterisk version is and RADIUSCLIENT-NG is also the latest for Fedora 15.

I have also enabled all events to be logged since this is test system to make sure I can use CEL. I have also checked for the shared secret between the radius server and the RADIUSCLIENT-NG and they are the same

The first problem is that the RADIUS packets are sent but their contents is relatively garbage (except one packet which seems to me is for DIAL).

The second problem is that I expect much more RADIUS packets due to different events such as ANSWER, BRIDGE, HANGUP, etc. but I can only see 2 packets being sent.

Can anyone please give me a clue for this problem?


Encoding perhaps? Just reviewed the code and it looks like RADIUS may be configured incorrectly? Perhaps test in a command line if possible a reliable and correct connection which can insert and probably perform select correctly. :smiley:

No, I found the problem and I have opened a bug report in asterisk JIRA.

The problem was that the passed argument to rc_avpair_add was incorrectly set as a pointer to pointer instead of char *.

Thanks for your reply.

For those searching, the issue report is here: