${CHANNEL(contact)} is always empty

My Asterisk 16.2 instance (Debian Buster package) has:

same = n,Verbose(0,CHANNEL is {CHANNEL}) same = n,Verbose(0,CHANNEL(accountcode) is {CHANNEL(accountcode)})
same = n,Verbose(0,CHANNEL(contact) is {CHANNEL(contact)}) same = n,Verbose(0,CHANNEL(endpoint) is {CHANNEL(endpoint)})

and prints:

CHANNEL is PJSIP/9150-00000016
CHANNEL(accountcode) is GENERAL
CHANNEL(contact) is
CHANNEL(endpoint) is 9150

In my testing, ${CHANNEL(contact)} is always empty.
Is it normal ?
Did I mis-read CHANNEL documentation ?

Best regards

The contact is only ever present on outbound calls because that’s when a contact can be specified. Is this an inbound call?

What are you trying to accomplish?


My goal is to bind two different hardphones to a single extension.
Thanks to max_contacts and PJSIP_DIAL_CONTACTS, I could get what I was after.

Now, what I’m trying to do, is allowing one of those two hardphones to call the other one without also calling itself.
How can you configure this ?

You don’t. If you need to individually do such things they should be separate endpoints.

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