Changing parking #700 [fixed] - update: happen again in 1.8

I’m a newbie to Asterisk and I installed a new system yesterday, I Didn’t knew 700 numbers a taken by the parking options and created the whole company extensions from 700 to 740.
We didnt had any problems with 701+ numbers, but nobody inside the office could call to 700 (from the IVR/queues, they could reach her).

anyway. I dont want to change the numbers and confuse the agents, they is an option to edit the parking numbers in the system? if so. which numbers are free to use? I dont want to change the parking to a numbers that already taked by other option…

I tries to see if i can do it on /etc/asterisk/features.conf but the file is empty (do not edit this file, i is auto-generated by freebpx).

Thank You!

Edit 1: I found a fix - if the parking option in the freepbx is enabled, the parking number will be 70 and not 700. that way it works with my current extension numbers (:

Edit 2: I upgraded to 1.8, now It happen again and my old solution doesn’t work.

This is controlled by features.conf. Also, if you don’t include the relevant context in your contexts, none of the parking features will be exposed to users. Of course, your GUI may limit you.

Ok, stupidly I upgraded to 1.8.x, Now I have the same problem again, even when I enabling the parking feature in the FreePBX, the 700 number still going to parking (and the parking numbers are as I put in FreePBX, so it made the change just without removing the old/default 700 number).

Any suggestions?..
BTW I’m using PBX In a Flash, With 1.8.x version.


Have you tried editing features.conf as previously suggested?