Changes in AMI and AGI

Hi group;

i’m looking for a list of all changes in the AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface) and AGI from Asterisk branch 1.2 to branch 1.4.

I have a set of classes (VB.NET) that abstracts the functionality of AMI and AGI (similar to AGIPHP) and i need to make modifications to make it wotk right with 1.4.

Can you please point me out to a list of changes?


Is this a port of the C# classes from Asterisk.NET that was on GotDotNet?

I am using the C# Asterisk.NET classes with some minor modifications and also want to upgrade to 1.4. Asterisk.NET started off as port from Asterisk-Java and I know they have upgraded to 1.4. Maybe sending them an email would help? I would be willing to collaborate on the upgrade with you (in either C# or VB).

Just found this on the Asterisk-Java page

Let me know if you want to collaborate on upgrading the .NET classes to 1.4