Change type of transport?


I haven’t tried WeRTC myself, but from what I’ve seen here, I think you need to start by getting hard SIP phons working, over UDP, then progress, to TCP, and finally get them working over TLS, before you even start to touch WebRTC. Actually, I would suggest getting TLS to work Asterisk to Asterisk before even trying it with the hard phone.


Yes, but there’s a problem: That is not a thing that I just wanna do to me, you know? That a demand, from my company, to deliver until next friday :confused: I know that I should study it slowly, but that’s a demand and boss can’t wait :confused: I just have to deliver a functional test so I will win a bigger deadline :confused:


Some posts say that I have to upgrade my openssl, it should work?


Have you checked the wiki for what is a known working configuration and ensured that what you are using matches?


I’m basing all my studies on the Wiki and the forums of Asterisk and FreePBX.
I started all over voip just a week ago. This test is urgent for the presentation, with a longer term (and believe me, studying this 8 hours a day) I intend to dominate asterisk. But in the right way.

That’s why I don’t know much about log analysis and so on…


The company should pay the cost of a consultant if they don’t want to spend the time needed to build up in house expertise. This forum is not here to provide free of charge consultancy services to businesses.


I do not think it’s consulting. This is helping me professionally as well, I am learning a lot about voip. Most of the things I did alone.