Change trunks in outbound routes


There is any way I can change trunk sequence in outbound routes without making it on freepbx portal? I want to delete some trunk for that route.

There are any file where this information is stored?

I’m asking this because if i try to change in portal the change dont take effect. I made the changes, then click on submit but if I access to another page and then return to the route i edited it was like if dont change anything.

There is any way to change this on asterisk CLI for example? I just need to delete one trunk from the outbound routes.


This can be done in extensions.conf (or extensions_something.conf that FreePBX generates). You will have to find the the correct file and part of the dialplan code that FreePBX generates for outbound routing. I can not give you the exact directions, because I don’t use FreePBX. Perhaps FreePBX forums will be a better place for that.