Change source of MOH?

I have a network of callers and agents on the same subnet, all connecting to a remote Asterisk 13 server. I am using directmedia so that all RTP audio traffic stays on the LAN and only SIP signalling is going through the server. This is all working very well for me.

The only problem I am having is that Music On Hold still originates from the server, and due to pesky firewall issues, the RTP audio traffic from the server is getting blocked. This results in the callers in a queue hearing nothing at all untill an Agent becomes available to answer.

Is there some way to specify a different source for music on hold (something like a media server local to the callers) to work around this firewall issue? Or any other solutions anyone can think suggest?

This is not currently an available feature in Asterisk, sorry.

Well, thank you for the prompt reply anyway. At least now I know.