Change SIP NOTIFY MWI messsage

Hi All,

So what I trying to do is format my SIP Notify messages so that I can remove “transport=TCP” so that it will work with my some of my Avaya phones.

Essentially instead of displaying like this:

Message-Account: sip: voipms@;transport=TCP

I need it to be like this:

Message-Account: sip: voipms@;

I have seen a post about opensips and configuring that to change notify messages but I’m no expert with that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I thought about also using the externnotify and write a script but again I would need a bit of help figuring that out as well.

Not sure if I have to resort to using PJSIP I saw a post about the protocol and If I read correctly you can “hide” that last section:

According to SIP spec, a request is sent to the address in the destination URI, which is the URI in the Route header if it is present, or to the request URI if there is no Route header. PJSIP only sends the request with TCP if the destination URI contains “;transport=tcp” parameter. Hence to send request with TCP, the destination URI must contain this parameter. This can be accomplished in two ways:

The most convenient way is to add a route-set entry (with proxy or outbound proxy setting in the account config) containing URI with TCP transport. This way all initial requests will be sent with TCP via the proxy, and we don’t need to change the URI for the registrar and all buddies in the buddy list. Sample code:
pjsua_acc_config acc_cfg;

acc_cfg.proxy[acc_cfg.proxy_cnt++] = pj_str(“;transport=tcp”);

If the destination doesn’t like the additional Route header, you can hide this Route header by adding “;hide” parameter to the route URI, for example:


This way PJSIP will process the request as if the Route header is present, but the header itself will not actually put in the transmission.

Or is there a way to accomplish this in the SIP.conf?


There’s no way to do this in chan_sip without modifying the code, chan_pjsip may be the same way actually.

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