Change playback tones

Hello Everybody,

I call an extension which is busy now . Then it take back beep sound to me .

Can i customize this sound ? And how ?


More information required. However, in a typical SIP installation, you would need to customise the phone, as the phone, not the PABX, would normally generate this.

Hi david551,

Sorry for my late reply .
I want to change channel ‘Beep’ sound to customize .wav file .
Can it be achieved?

There is insufficient information to tell whether or not early media would work in your case. You can always do it by answering the call and playing tones or a recording, as normal media.

However, for SIP phones, the best place to do this is in the phone itself, and for that you need the instructions for the phone.

To play early media, you will need to call Progress, Playtones, and then Wait long enough for the caller to hang up.

Hi david555,

I’m sorry that I didn’t describe it very clearly .
My scenario as follows:

  1. A is calling to C .
  2. Then B call A , B will hear original busy tone.

My question is : How to replace this original busy tone with my recorded audio , just like .wav.mp3 ,etc.

When the DIal to A fails, determine from DIALSTATUS and/or HANGUPCAUSE, that A was busy, then call Progress, then Playback, with the no answer option.

If early media doesn’t work on B’s channel technology, or the route to B doesn’t support early media, replace Progress by Answer and don’t use the no answer option.

MP3 is a bad format, because it is expensive to convert to any actual telephony codec, and it is an overkill on audio quality for normally used codecs.

Hi david551,

That’s very useful .
Could you please help on how to set progress by answer ?
Thanks .

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