Change display language


I’m using:
Asterisk 11
FreePBX 2.11
Digium Addons 2.10
Digium Phone D40

I would like to know if there’s a way to change the display language of the Digium phones?

I’m referring to the language displayed on a Digium phone’s screen.

I would like to set them to French.

Thank you!

which firmware are you running on the phones.
French is supported since version 1.3 … schlossen/

You can set the language remotely through DPMA with the option: active_locale … figuration

Thanks Tom :smile:

Digium Addons 2.10 (for FreePBX) isn’t specific enough.

You want at least See: … X-

Prior versions, e.g. don’t have a GUI-handle for editing the locale.