Change default audio and video devices

Hi, I am very new to PJSIP and I want to change my default audio and video resources. Actually in my system audio and video data is streaming from remote machine over TCP, Serial Port etc. and I want to use this multi-media data in my VOIP client instead of capturing those from microphone and camera. As the same in opposite direction, I want to send video and audio data which incoming from contacts to remote machine, not playback or show in my own device. Is that possible, could you please guide me if it is? Thanks for your help.

Are you referring to chan_pjsip… or the PJSIP/PJSUA combination?

@jcolp I am referring to PJSIP/PJSUA combination, actually if it is possible in PJSUA2 I am planning to use directly high level API

You’d likely have better luck on the PJSIP mailing list. We don’t use PJSUA, or develop it.

Thank you for your help. So what about if I use core PJSIP library directly, I believe it means chan_pjsip, is possible to do that?

The chan_pjsip module doesn’t deal with audio or video devices. It merely uses the RTP stack provided by Asterisk to convey media.

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