chan_sip.c:10354 handle_request_register: Username/auth name

Hi, I have a linux dedicated server running RH 9.0, with fresh Asterisk installation. It has public IP address, and no VoIP hardware installed at all. I am trying to make it SIP server, where my phpbb forum members can call each other using their forum user registration. To my understanding I don’t need any special hardware for this purpose.

I configured SIP.conf:

... ... [defaultsip] type=friend context=default username=user01 secret=password callerid="User 01" <100> host=dynamic nat=yes canreinvite=yes dtfmode=info mailbox=100 disallow=all allow=ulaw qualify=yes

and I am using X-Lite as software test client from my local home LAN with private IP address to connect to my sip server. It does connect to server but it remains as “Logging in…”, and when I run “asterisk -r” there are continuous messages like this:

And I can place a call by dialing 500, but there is no nothing happening on the client side. I can see the asterisk has received the call and transfering it to other IAX server by running “astman”, but client gets no dialtone or no nothing.

  • What is wrong? Any idea? I know NAT has something to do with it, but can’t find way around.

  • 2nd question, how recommended is it to use Asterisk to build VoIP network I mentioned in the beginning?

static int autocreatepeer = 1; /* Auto creation of peers at registration? Default off. */

Default is 0
You can change it to 1,and make all