chan_sccp and AX4G

I’m hoping to get some advice/guidance on a problem I am having.

I installed Elastix 2.4. I recently purchased a 4 module AX4G card and installed the drivers for Elastix ( During the install it modifies asterisk, dahdi and some other components. It successfully installs and picks up the AX4G with its modules.

I also need to install chan_sccp. In the above combination, if I install chan_sccp after this, the devices will not register. Regardless if I rebuild chan_sccp, triple check the config and tftpboot files. I know it isn’t the phone because on my production setup it configures and registers fine.

Now, if I try another combination, where I install Elastix 2.4 then chan_sccp, the phone registers ok. But after I install the AX4G drivers, it throw the dialplan out of whack and while the chan_sccp phones work, it isn’t picking up the context. Went as far as recompiling the but still didn’t work out.

Any tips here on what I could do?

I’m hoping someone has configured an AX4G card to work with chan_sccp before (but I highly doubt there could be someone?).