CHAN_DAHDI.CONF what is wink, prewink, start and pref

Hi guys

Who can tell me what is wink, prewink, start and preflash time detail meaning?
I need to set Minimum Flash Hook Time to 0.050s and Maximum Flash Hook Time to 0.060s.
and also I want to know does asterisk have play tone timer? like play dial tone 30 secs and play busytone 15secs on FXS.

vi chan_dahdi.conf

; A variety of timing parameters can be specified as well
; The default values for those are β€œ-1”, which is to use the
; compile-time defaults of the DAHDI kernel modules. The timing
; parameters, (with the standard default from DAHDI):
; prewink: Pre-wink time (default 50ms)
; preflash: Pre-flash time (default 50ms)
; wink: Wink time (default 150ms)
; flash: Flash time (default 750ms)
; start: Start time (default 1500ms)
; rxwink: Receiver wink time (default 300ms)
; rxflash: Receiver flashtime (default 1250ms)
; debounce: Debounce timing (default 600ms)


wink is the opposite of flash. If flash is a momentary on-hook period, a wink is a momentary off-hook period.

prewink is the guaranteed amount of time a channel needs to be on-hook before conducting the wink.

preflash is the same, it’s the guaranteed amount of time a channel needs to be off-hook before going through the flash.

Finally, the start time is used differently for FXO and FXS signaled ports. If you have an FXO signaled port, the it’s the default time to assert the ring state. If you have an FXS ground start signaled port then it is the amount of time to wait for outgoing line seizure.

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