chan_alsa and sample rate


I have a problem with chan_alsa.

My sound card only support 44100 48000 rate but asterisk require 8000.

Can someone help me to solve this problem?

Obviously now the sound out from the sound card it’s not accepltable.

Thank’s to all

This sounds like an ALSA issue, not an Asterisk one. A quick Google suggests that ALSA does have the ability to re-sample.

If Asterisk is failing to tell ALSA the sample rate, you will probably need to change the Asterisk source code, which would be a developer question.

8kHz audio played at 48kHz would be so fast and high that I think “unacceptable” would be an understatement!


I have tried to google but nothing good,

This is my asound.conf configuration:

pcm "hw:1,0"
format S16_LE
channels 2
rate 48000

pcm.convert {
type plug
slave s15

With aplay work but asterisk say :

ERROR[2523]: chan_alsa.c:180 alsa_card_init: snd_pcm_open failed: No such file or directory
ERROR[2523]: chan_alsa.c:276 soundcard_init: Problem opening alsa capture device

My input and output device in alsa.conf is convert.