Challenging problem in asterisk

[b]I had written a class which extends ManagerEventListener, which will continously listens to the asterisk manager events. Here i’m capturing only CDR event for call cost evaluation process. Im registering the listener at application start-up.

Problem: If Jboss java application is my local system and asterisk is some other machine every thing is fine(capturing 2 CDR events once for source and destination). If made both applications run on same machine i.e. our server it is capturing for some 30-50 times instead of two. But imp is the entries of cdrtable in database(MySQL) are always perfect in both scenario?

                 Any guys will sort out this problem is greatly appreciated?[/b]

Got the solution. i’m registering the listener on every new entry in extensions table. So i isolated this with that one… Every thing is working fine for me…