Certain Application Questions


I am trying to evaluate whether Asterisk or any other (commercial) solution is better to set up an IVR system combined with an TroubleTicket-System. At the moment, and I think until the end, I prefer Asterisk as the best Open-Source VoIP solution.

But there are still some questions I could not answer by now and perhaps someone could help me answering these.

The first:
When a caller comes into the IVR I want Asterisk to get a number a caller should type in. This number should tell Asterisk to route the call to a certain group or person and should be transmitted to the others (soft-)phone. A more interesting problem in this case is that Asterisk should use our TroubleTicket-System to open a new ticket by using the interface of our TTS and receive a TT-number to transmit to the one who will serve the call. Any solution?

The secound:
How can I get the state of a person in the CallCenter, e.g. busy or at lunch?

The third:
There are several numbers I want to get and visualise by Asterisk:

  • Offered Calls
  • Calls not accepted when busy
  • Calls accepted

  • How can I get them and how can I expand the functions Asterisk offers!?

It would be great when someone could help me to find answers!
Thanks a lot!