Cepstral registration with Asterisk

Hi to All,

      I brought an cepstral Allison-8kHz voice after I register this cepstral voice by using

‘cepstral --reg-voice’ command. I also try ‘cepstral --register’ command, after entering proper information i.e. name, company name, voice, licence key it show me
The information you have entered appears to be valid.
Thank you for purchasing Cepstral Allison-8kHz.

Swift command shows the voice is licensed, but I am still getting the “this voice is not registered” added to the beginning of everyting in the extension plan.

Can anybody help me out from this problem. Please share your valuable knowledge.


did you reload asterisk afterwards?

Hi …

I tried everything after installation of Cepstral.
But found no difference.

I’m getting this problem with the phpagi swift function.
[color=red]If I write swift(Hi How are you) in extensions.conf It sounds good.
But If I write same in any php file it gives me licensing message…[/color]

So whats the solution for this?
Do I need to modify any other file. Or do I need to modify phpagi.php[Which is not allowed]

Please help me out in this.

Thanks for reply

Hi to All,

      I got the problem, Actually problem is that, whenever you execute phpagi swift function, the swift function 

i) Apply MD5 on text
ii) concate swif_MD5(which it generate from text).
ii) search that swift_* in ‘/var/spool/asterisk/tmp/’. If it not found then it create the wav file and save it as name ‘swift_MD5’ (generated from text).

So, whenever next time function execute any text it first applying MD5 on text , if it detected MD5 is match with previous MD5(when we firstly create an wav file from text) then rather to create wav file from text again it directly play that previously created wav file.

[color=red]So, problem I face here, I was execute this swift (phpagi function) at that time when I not purches an voice. So, after I brought Allison voice, the MD5 is not change because of text which I pass to swift function is same.[/color]

[color=green]So, the sloution is I delete/remove the swift wav files from directory mentioned above
#> rm swift_* /var/spool/asterisk/tmp/
So, now when I call swift function again, it not found MD5 and because of that it’s now create an wav file again and now this time it gets an register version and that unlicence voice is gone.[/color]