Central Database of extension numbers

I would like to create a central database of extension numbers from a number of different sip/asterisks servers. A user would connect to their own local server and if they dial an extension beginning with ‘8’ then it would check the central database (on another server over the Internet) and then connect the call to another remote server and connect the call to the extension.

Is this possible having a central directory which can be checked and connected to other servers? I’ve read that two Asterisks servers can be connected. Thanks

I guess what you need is a SIP Proxy like OpenSIPS and Kamalio instead of Asterisk.

I think you can do it with dundi. I haven’t tested it but in theory this would do the trick.

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You can do arbitrary database lookups in the dialplan, so this is definitely possible.

There is an Asterisk feature called switch that I believe does something like this based on just standard Asterisk configuration, but I’ve never used or investigated it.

I am pretty sure you can do this with Asterisk realtime. It works with A2billing so should be able to do it with just Asterisk. Perhaps look for an A2billing install guide and skip the A2billing part.

It sounds like you want more than just a central database though. You also want the routing depending on which server you are on. If each server has unique designated extension numbers then I think it’s doable. .