CentOS 6 Repo

Good day,

Are there any plans to launch a package repository for CentOS 6 yum program.


Centos5 to Centos6 direct upgrade is not supported as per:
centos.org/modules/newbb/vi … c_id=32089

Basically, you have to buy a new box & install clean centos6. But maybe this is not what you’re referring to?

I also was pretty concerned about AsteriskNOW needing to move to CentOS 6 ASAP, as 3-4 weeks ago, the CentOS website listed an end of life for CentOS 5 being 2014. Obviously I’m not excited about putting customers on a box that will have to be replaced (reformatted & new OS installed) in 2 years.

But now today, I am seeing that CentOS 5 EOL is now 2017. Yeay! :smile:

See: wiki.centos.org/Download for EOL.

That doesn’t answer the question.

The question was, does Digium plan to create a Centos 6 yum repository, as they did for Centos 5?

Is there any possibility that Digium plan to create a CentOS6 repo in the next six months?

It would be nice to know, so we can decide whether to wait or just build another CentOS5 PBX.

Has there been any update on this from the asterisk/digium guys? It’d be nice to have a repo as most rack companies are now installing centos 6 default.