Cel sqllite3 - master.db missing


I’m trying to use cel with sqlite3 backend

My cel.conf :





and my cel_sqlite3_custom.conf :

[master] ; currently, only file "master.db" is supported, with only one table at a time.
table   => cel
columns => eventtype, eventtime, cidname, cidnum, cidani, cidrdnis, ciddnid, context, exten, channame, appname, appdata, amaflags, accountcode, uniqueid, userfield, peer, userdeftype, eventextra
values  => '${eventtype}','${eventtime}','${CALLERID(name)}','${CALLERID(num)}','${CALLERID(ANI)}','${CALLERID(RDNIS)}','${CALLERID(DNID)}','${CHANNEL(context)}','${CHANNEL(exten)}',,'${CHANNEL(channame)}','${CHANNEL(appname)}','${CHANNEL(appdata)}','${CHANNEL(amaflags)}','${CHANNEL(accountcode)}','${CHANNEL(uniqueid)}','${CHANNEL(userfield)}','${BRIDGEPEER}','${userdeftype}','${eventextra}'

The problem is I can’t see the sqlite3 backend in the cel show status :

CEL Logging: Enabled
CEL Tracking Event: CHAN_START
CEL Tracking Event: CHAN_END
CEL Tracking Event: HANGUP
CEL Tracking Event: ANSWER
CEL Tracking Event: APP_START
CEL Tracking Event: BRIDGE_ENTER
CEL Tracking Event: BRIDGE_EXIT
CEL Tracking Application: dial
CEL Tracking Application: park
CEL Event Subscriber: CEL Custom CSV Logging
CEL Event Subscriber: ODBC CEL backend
CEL Event Subscriber: CEL PGSQL backend

and I can’t find the master.db in /var/log/asterisk/cel-custom

could someone help please ?


I have added


to cel.conf and I have reloaded cel_sqlite3_custom.so module,

It works now


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