Cel module in asterisk 1.6.0

I am using asterisk 1.6.0 version. Is it possible to use cel event in asterisk1.6.0. In 1.6.0 there is no module for cel . But it is available in 1.8.How to incorporate cel module in 1.6.0 ?.


CEL was not introduced until after 1.6.0. (No earlier than 1.6.2.)

All support on 1.6.0 has already terminated. 1.6.2 is on security fixes only, for about another two months.

Also, note that CEL involves changes to code in depth; it isn’t isolated to one file, so cannot be implemented as an additional module.

Thanks for the reply. Even i have tried there is no module for cel .


It looks like it was first released in 1.8.1. I’m not sure that there would be a module, although there are several configuration files. Most of the changes are distributed throughout the code, which makes a back port a major job.