CDR-Stats install in Ubuntu Server 14.04?

Is possible to install CDR-Stats in a Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS using this manual ?

Because when I try to use that script for Debian 7 or 8 appear for me an problem.

I tried to install in a Debian 7.9 using that script

cd /usr/src/ ; rm ; wget –no-check-certificate -O ; bash

The install is all ok, but when I access appear an page with error like this example below

404 Not Found

But when I access the normal IP

Appear a page of CDR-Stats normal.

How can I fix it? Or is possible to install in others Linux?

And I have one more question, how can I interlining my Asterisk 11 with this CDR-Stats?


You are better off asking this on!forum/cdr-stats

–Satish Barot