CDR problem : each agents are UP if one agent connected


ASterisk 1.4
Centos 5

created 2 agents.
both are connected with Queue.

Once call has been connected with one agent from the caller.
In my CDR event, i am getting two agents events. both agents are UP and after disconnecting the call two CDR reports are coming. one agents is ANSWERED and another agent is NO ANSWER

How can i change this into one CDR. like only agent whos connected with caller. how can i remove the remaining?

also i have problem when i try to call any number and if he is BUSY or if the caller disconnected then in my CDR event, i getting that CALL FAILED event. how can i change that in to BUSY event.



  1. don’t use the ringall queue strategy.

  2. you will probably need to change the source code, as I don’t thing that this field is user writeable. Whether that will work will depend on the signalling that Asterisk is receiving, and whether it adequately distinguishes the cases in which you are interested. Adding the clearing cause code as a user field may be easier.