CDR not Storing at the Time of Asterisk Restart


Is there any possibility to store CDR logs after the restart of asterisk. As I am unable to see those calls logs which was active before restart.

If anybody has any solution please guide me.


Asterisk doesn’t do anything to delete CDR logs on a restart. You should look elsewhere.

Hi David,

thanks for you reply.
I think there is comm gap between question. I’ll explain.

let suppose there are 4 call activate right now. Recently asterisk got crashed can I found the logs of all 4 calls in my cdr?

The logs are kept in memory, if it crashes then they are lost.

Is there any way to store the logs run-time?

Not currently, no. It’s only once completed that they are posted.

okay, you mean there is no way to store the logs after restart.

I have one more problem can you please go through the below link.

There is no way to store the logs as they are being created and kept track of, and to end them if a restart occurs.

As for your memory corruption you are using an unsupported old version of Asterisk 11 with a channel driver that is not part of the project. As a result it’s not something I can comment on or provide help with.