Cdr logging to 2 databases?

Hi Guys,

I need some help here. I’ve been doing some searching, but couldn’t find any results. So I return to the helpful forums.

I am trying to have the cdr logged to 2 databases.
One is on the local asterisk box, and the other is a remote database.

I can get it to log to one database, but not both. How would I go about doing this?

Thanks in advance for everyone’s input.

If you use two different cdr modules you can have asterisk log the cdr to two places.


By default asterisk comes with cdr_csv and cdr_custom both built and running. This results in two cdr’s being written to disk. One in csv format, the other in the custom format that you specify.

So if you used one driver for you local db, and one for you remote db you could get both to be written.

Perhaps mysql or pgsql for remote and odbc for local (or whatever works for you)?


I’m trying to write to two different mysql databases. One is local, the other is remote. Will it work, using the pgsql and enter remote MYSQL details?

No, if you’re using two MySQL databases you would need to use the cdr_mysql module and the cdr_odbc module. Then configure an odbc connection to your second MySQL box.

Check out these links. … mysql.conf