CDR field editing

I am trying to edit some CDR fields but Asterisk won’t let me. It says that the fields are read only. The only fields I am able to edit are the account code and the user field.

Mostly I would like to change the billsec field because the billsec field is being populated incorrectly. The reason is that I need to perform some post processing between call hangup and Asterisk Hangup().

Can this be achieved or else the CDR can only be edited on a hungup channel?

i would like to edit the fields in cdr table, but unable to find where to edit
can you please help about this, that where can i edit.
thank you

Most of CDR variables are read only. You can alter following variables only: accountcode, userfield and amaflags. However, you can add your own variables and store them in cdr. To find out more, type ‘show funcation CDR’ in CLI, or goto

That is not a good idea and most probably post proccessing will not work as expected as long as it’s not DeadAgi. In case if you would like to do things after hangup, best way to do so is to use ‘h’ extension. For more info goto … extensions

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