Cdr data from parallel dial

I’m having a hard time getting the correct CDR data from a parallel dial.
For example , I dial 2 sip devices in parallel and Dial(pjsip/phone1&pjsip/phone2)
Both phone1 and phone2 ring, and I pickup phone1.
The call is in progress and once the call is hung up, I catch the CDR data with variables such as ${CDR(dstchannel)} and ${CDR(billsec)} in the “h” extension.
The problem I have is, I notice I get the CDR data is only from the last phone / channel in the dial plan, and it doesnt matter if that phone was picked up or not.
How can I get the CDR data of the call that was actually answered, which in this case was the first phone? or how would I choose which channel to get data from?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I figured out in the end,
Use the variable ${ANSWEREDTIME} instead. of CDR(billsec)

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