cdr_adaptive odbc postgre sql

I’m trying to record cdr in postgre via odbc.
But got a error. INSERT INTO asterisk.cdr (linkedid,src,dst,dcontext,clid,channel,dstchannel,lastapp,lastdata,start,answer,end,duration,billsec,disposition,amaflags,uniqueid,sequence) VALUES (‘node01-1462520777.406’,‘79195695340’,‘800’,‘test’,’"" ',‘SIP/1000-00000011’,‘Local/101@request-operator-00000065;1’,‘Queue’,‘test2’,{ ts ‘2016-05-06 10:46:38’ },{ ts ‘2016-05-06 10:46:38’ },{ ts ‘2016-05-06 10:46:38’ },0,0,‘NO ANSWER’,‘DOCUMENTATION’,‘node01-1462520777.406’,306). I use postgresql_cdr file from /contrib/realtime/ to create table.

Unfortunately You did not quote the error complained.
Usually such errors come from an inappropriate table definition in postgres assuming, that the connection between Asterisk and postgres (via ODBC) is working correctly.
Just check wheter the columns from the statement exists and have the correct datatype. Furthermore check whether there are columns in the table which are marked mandatory (NOT NULL) but are missing in the statement.
You can check for the specific error when issuing the SQL-statement from asterisk directly against postgres.

I try sql directly in postgres and wrong fields are start, end, and { ts ‘2016-05-06 10:46:38’ } How i can change SQL-statment? I can change column name start and end. Then i can use aliases like
alias start => callstart
alias end => callend
But what can i do with { ts ‘2016-05-06 10:46:38’ } ?

Solved. After

alias start => callstart
alias end => callend