CBeyond and SIP trunks

I don’t know VOIP, SIP, Asterisk or even any phone systems all too well so I thought I’d ask. We have a digital PRI service through CBeyond and a Samsung PBX. We also have an Asterisk PBX that uses Vitelity for it’s SIP service. I called CBeyond to see if it would be possible for them to supply the SIP service instead of Vitelity, while continuing to our current PRI service. What I was hoping for was a host address, username, and password to connect my Asterisk to Cbeyond, if they provided that service. What they told me was that in order to provide SIP to us, we’d have to put in an order to change our Digital PRI service to their SIPConnect service, have their techs install a SIP router and buy some other equipment, replacing our Digital PRI and Samsung PBX. I tried explaining to 2 other sales representatives and 2 of their techs that this wasn’t what I was looking for and they told me that it just wasn’t possible. Am I asking for the right thing? I’m alright with knowing they just don’t or can’t provide what I want, I just want to make sure they are telling me No to the right question.

This is almost certainly a commercial rather than a technical limitation.

Based on the response you had and with no knowledge of the company involved, they probably don’t want to do it either because it threatens their revenue in some way, or because they have a de-skilled support process that would need new scripts writing.