Cause Code: 19 in "Hangup" Asterisk Manager Event

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Cause Code: 19 in “Hangup” Asterisk Manager Event does not triggered when inbound call not answered …
so what event should I use for checking the call-answer status of inbound call ?

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The lack of a ChannelStateDescription value of “Up” in any Newchannel, Newstate or Hangup event for the channel. It is possible that you only need to look at the Hangup event.

Most people would use CDRs or CELs for this sort of information.

You will only get 19 from Asterisk if Asterisk shuts the channel down. If the upstream network shuts it down, the network will generate the 19, and if the caller shuts it down, nothing will.


How about UnlinkEvent, can I use UnlinkEvent to determine the call answer status?
but I check UnlinkEvent always occurs for both answer and unanswered calls

BridgeType: Unknnown
CallerId1: 510
CallerId2: 942888767
Channel1: 510
Channel2: 1
Privilege: call,all
UniqueId1: 1369548861.111
UniqueId2: 1369548875.112

You can’t get an unlink event unless the call has been bridged and you can’t bridge a call unless it has been answered on the outgoing side. I would say that Asterisk thinks the call has been answered by the outgoing channel, if not earlier, by the dialplan. Why not just detect the answer of the outgoing call?

As you have removed the technology prefix from your channel names, I can’t really speculate on any technology specific aspects, but note that people using analogue lines often don’t have a configuration capable of detecting answer supervision, either because the exchange isn’t supplying it, or they haven’t configure Asterisk to detect it.

Q: Why not just detect the answer of the outgoing call?

A: I need to get number of inbound lost call that can’t be handled by agent…

do you have any idea?