Catering for broadband loss

Not too sure if this is the right place, however, I’ve had issues where broadband has failed, and I need to fall back to PSTN/ISDN. The following Perl script allows automated config changes in the event of BB loss.

Hope this is of some use…


maybe i’m missing something. why do you need to do anything special? if your broadband connection is down, your voip provider(s) will not be reachable. if you have an outbound route that specifies


or somesuch, failover will happen automatically.

That’s how I thought it would work, but * will keep trying to reregister, and the whole thing becomes very messy. You can always try it by disconnecting BB. It’s not a pretty sight.


Something strange is going on. This isn’t just theory, I do in fact do this and it works (I’ve had a couple of glitches with my FIOS line lately). What does “becomes very messy” mean? In my case, * can’t contact the provider’s server, so it tries the next one. Maybe something specific to your setup or provider?

It gets messy when * can’t get access to a DNS server to do lookups. The whole thing slows down to a snail’s pace. It’s not just my service, others have reported similar problems, which is why I wrote the script.

But let me clarify what I’m saying here, I I just re-read your earlier post. The situation I’m talking about, is where internet connectivity is lost completely, therefore trying another VOIP provider is not an option.



Have to agree with Nick here. If the internet connection that is the default gateway is lost and the IAX and SIP conf have register lines in them, * will grind to a halt as it tries to look up the DNS for the relevent entries and register to them. Now I havent tried adding them to the hosts file to see if this resolves the problem. Also a local DNS server may resolve it as well.