Capacity in Asterisk

Hello. Is there any calculate done how many extensions is maximum in Asterisk? What is the limit? Is it the lan and the bandwidth, or is there any limits in the software of Asterisk.
Please, any one know somthing about this?
After the call setup between two extensions, is all the spetch data between the extensions, and not via the Asterisk server?


Have a read of this book, it covers what you’re asking to some extent: … +Telephony

Hi Ulf

For estimating required bandwith, chek out: … ulator.php

Having the speech data (aka the Media) go through the asterisk, or straight between the UA’s is a choice.
Nine times out of ten you want to be in control of the call (including the disconnect of a call) so you would set your sip extensions with

This means that both the signalling as well as the media will go through the Asterisk.

Then it becomes a matter of how much codec transcoding takes place (which eats up the cpu).
This happens if extension “A” uses a different codec than extension “B” when they are talking to eachother. The Asterisk in the middle has to translate between these codecs.

You would have to experiment some. I’d say that a Xeon processor Asterisk should be able to handle something like 250 simultaneous calls (with media going through the Asterisk).


Thanks both for your intresting answer.
It clear things out.

I shall make some test myself…