Can't use call logs


I am currently running into a somewhat weird problem. Some phone numbers can not be redialed from a phone’s call log (Yealink in this case) and it turns out that the saved URIs have two “@” parts: e.g. +491234567890@localdomain@ instead of +491234567890@ The phone’s reply in such a case is “invalid invite not response.”

I am setting the from_domain nowhere, but when I list the pjsip endpoint, the parameter is set. When I look at the pcap traces, the string “localdomain” seems to initially occur in a P-Asserted-Identity header (pjsip endpoint has send_pai=yes). When I disable send_pai, the problem seems to be gone.

Does that mean that there is somewhere a default setting that sets the PAI to {number}@{from_domain}, or has someone seen this before? In the end I want to have a configuration, such that the functionality does not depend on the handling of caller settings (PAI-RPID-From, …) on a single phone, or such secondary settings of parameters like send_pai (even if it means that I have to explicitly set the PAI and RPID, for that matter).

There is no default itself built in. How is Asterisk being configured? What is the actual SIP signaling that is occurring (pjsip set logger on)? What version of Asterisk is in use?

Asterisk 16.4.0
SIP logging: pcap traces on the Asterisk box

Meanwhile I’ve found out that when I set send_pai to no for the local phones, the problem does never occur. That said there’s nothing special in my sip account definitions (I’ll publish them in case this becomes necessary). The CallerID display settings (PAI-RPID-From, …, FROM) that some phones offer does not seem to influence the behavior.

With send_pai=no, the customer is now quiet, but I still want to find out what is going on here. I’ve not found the bogus URI in pcap traces yet. Currently I am trying to find out whether this depends on the make, or not.

I need some time to better describe the problem, which probably will also imply the solution.

This topic should be closed. from_domain was also set and that likely played a role. I still don’t understand what happened, but if from_domain and send_pai are not set for local phones, there are no problems.