Can't Register

I need help, can’t register a channel on my GXW-4108 with asterisk. Here is a screen shot.

Larger image of screenshot here.

Looks like you are trying register Asterisk on the Grandstream, rather than the Grandstream on Asterisk.

Can you tell me what I need to fix?

host =
username = 105
secret = tsgin7625
trunkname = 105 ; GUI metadata
context = internal
group = null
hasexten = no
hasiax = no
hassip = yes
registeriax = no
registersip = yes
trunkstyle = voip
insecure = port
;fromuser = 105
authuser = 105
;fromdomain =
disallow = all
allow = ulaw,alaw,gsm,g726

That is my users.conf & is the only sip peer I have configured.

I think I know what the problem is maybe, I am using the Asterisk GUI, and I wanted to set this up as a VOIP Trunk. I’m not sure what I need to do but I think I know what the problem is.

I would use sip.conf. However, I guess it is the registersip that is causing the problem.

Basically the device you are talking to does support registering with it.

I am very new to asterisk, what is registersip?

You chose to include it the configuration! It doesn’t seem to be well documented, but, short of reading the code in detail, I assume that it causes Asterisk to attempt an outgoing register for that users.conf entry.

Also, I think I might need to state that the Grandstream is a gateway, this isn’t a phone, its a device that plugs into my telephone lines. It has 8 ports & a different sip account for each port. It takes the place of using cards, or a VOIP provider, so shouldn’t Asterisk register with it??

It’s giving a 501 Not Implemented response, which means that it doesn’t support attempts to register with it. I suppose it could be something specific about the register request that it doesn’t like, but you will need to look at its logs to find out what that is.

I guess your users.conf has been generated by AsteriskGUI, in which case I’m not the right person to work how to use the GUI to get the right values in users.conf.

Note that the real purpose of registering is to support roaming. If you have configured the address of your Asterisk, in the Grandstream, there is no strict need to register.