Cant register SIP over the internet

hi good day again. right now i am trying to setup my server. i currently have 2 ethernet cards. 1 is local sip registration (LAN) and the other one is for over the internet SIP registration (leased static ip).
when i try to register my softphone it cant register to over the internet sip registration and on the local side no problems or whatsoever.

i just want to confirm if its possible to have a SIP registration over the internet with my own server. (i have my own IP address) or its impossible.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Should be. However your subject implies you have tried and failed.

yep i did try and failed. yesterday i was able to access the webpage or the administration page however it always fails at the sip registration side, i am using ekiga as my softphone. i just started my shift so ill be trying a few quirks. and thanks for your reply sir! ifyou can share some tips if you did this before that would help.

i was able to register sip from a public computer. i configured the hostname and domains of my server, but anyway is it possible for asterisk to have dual lan, 1 for local and 1 for the over the internet connection?

I believe so.