Can't NOT accept SIP-INFO DTMF

I am using Asterisk to verify that other PBXs are configured correctly.
I want to ensure that a PBX can do RFC2833 DTMF, so I found:
exten => 5,1,Answer()
exten => 5,2,SipDTMFMode(rfc2833)
exten => 5,3,Wait(1)
exten => 5,4,Playback(welcome)
exten => 5,5,READ(digito,1)
exten => 5,6,SayDigits(${digito})
exten => 5,7,Goto(5,5)

I then went to X-lite and set these values to 0:
Force Inband DTMF entry
RTP 2833 enabled

I ran wireshark and saw that x-lite is sending SIP-INFO and not RFC2833.
Calls to exten 5 still reads back digits.

I also tried setting
on the peer that the call comes in on and in the general section of sip.conf.

Any thoughts why I’m still capturing the DTMF?