Cant make WAN voip calls

Ok I can make voip calls perfectly in my LAN through asterisk…I have also SPA3102 as pstn gateway for asterisk and it also works perfectly…But! When I am not in my LAN and try to call any phone there - there’s only ring and than silence…But if I call any PSTN number through SPA - everything works great…

I have the latest version of AsteriskNow and Asterisk has valid IP without any firewall enabled…
Could somebody help me?[/url]

Thanks for reply but my asterisk server is not behind nat…!

Are you trying to call through an ITSP? Or directly to the IP address/SIP URI? We need more info to help you–this could be a multitude of problems, and maybe more than just one.

Can you give us a log output when the call is made?

Yes I’m trying to call sip url directly!