Can't make calls through GSM module

Hi, I have a CooVox-U50 running Asterisk with a GSM module (2 sim cards). The problem is that I can’t make any outgoing call, here is the log:

– Accepting AUTHENTICATED call from
> requested format = ulaw,
> requested prefs = (ulaw|g729|gsm|alaw),
> actual format = g729,
> host prefs = (),
> priority = caller
– Executing [7XXXXXXXXXXDLPN_deGSM:1] NoOp(“IAX2/ipxgsm2-1345”, “Marcando: 7XXXXXXXXXX y le quitamos uno queda: XXXXXXXXXX”) in new stack
– Executing [[7XXXXXXXXXX@DLPN_deGSM:2] Dial(“IAX2/ipxgsm2-1345”, “DAHDI/g1/[7XXXXXXXXXX,40,tT”) in new stack
[Jan 9 12:28:16] WARNING[3376]: channel.c:5522 ast_request: No channel type registered for ‘DAHDI’
[Jan 9 12:28:16] WARNING[3376]: app_dial.c:2198 dial_exec_full: Unable to create channel of type ‘DAHDI’ (cause 66 - Channel not implemented)
== Everyone is busy/congested at this time (1:0/0/1)
– Executing [[7XXXXXXXXXX@DLPN_deGSM:3] Hangup(“IAX2/ipxgsm2-1345”, “”) in new stack
== Spawn extension (DLPN_deGSM, [7XXXXXXXXXX, 3) exited non-zero on ‘IAX2/ipxgsm2-1345’
– Hungup ‘IAX2/ipxgsm2-1345’

Can anybody helpme please??? Thanks in advance

You don’t have chan_dahdi loaded. That might mean that you didn’t have a chan_dahdi.conf, you had an invalid one, or you didn’t load the dahdi kernel driver. All these will have been logged during startup, not when making a call.

You could try “module load chan_dahdi” to see what stopped it loading.

Thanks david55 for your answer. You’re right, when I do “module load” this is what I get:

Unable to load module
Command 'module load ’ failed.
[Jan 11 10:15:43] WARNING[23924]: pbx.c:5655 ast_register_application2: Already have an application ‘DAHDISendKeypadFacility’
[Jan 11 10:15:43] WARNING[23924]: chan_dahdi.c:4250 dahdi_open: Unable to specify channel 1: Device or resource busy
[Jan 11 10:15:43] ERROR[23924]: chan_dahdi.c:12187 mkintf: Unable to open channel 1: Device or resource busy
here = 0, tmp->channel = 1, channel = 1
[Jan 11 10:15:43] ERROR[23924]: chan_dahdi.c:16646 build_channels: Unable to register channel ‘1,2’

Here’s my chan_dahdi.conf:

;! Automatically generated configuration file
;! Filename: chan_dahdi.conf (/etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf)
;! Generator: Manager
;! Creation Date: Mon Dec 21 12:40:29 2015

language = es
rxwink = 300 ; Atlas seems to use long (250ms) winks
usecallerid = yes
hidecallerid = no
callwaiting = yes
usecallingpres = yes
callwaitingcallerid = yes
threewaycalling = yes
transfer = yes
canpark = yes
cancallforward = yes
callreturn = yes
echocancel = yes
echocancelwhenbridged = no
faxdetect = no
echotraining = 800
rxgain = 0.0
txgain = 0.0
callgroup = 1
pickupgroup = 1
busydetect = yes
busycount = 3
immediate = no
relaxdtmf = yes
sendcalleridafter = 1
group = 1
cidstart = ring
cidsignalling = bell
channel => 1,2

  • chan_dahdi.conf 40/40 100%

Can’t see what’s wrong…can you help me???

Those responses suggest you do have dahdi loaded, so you will need to check the startup logging and uses the various dahdi cli commands to find out what devices it thinks do exist.

ok I’ll keep trying. Thanks.

your logs make reference to channel issue [quote][Jan 11 10:15:43] ERROR[23924]: chan_dahdi.c:16646 build_channels: Unable to register channel ‘1,2’[/quote]

channel: This keyword is unlike all the other keywords in this configuration file, because where all the other keywords merely specify settings to use, this keyword causes Asterisk to actually allocate a channel with the settings that have been specified earlier in the file.

try removing this line channel => 1,2
then restart dahdi and later restart asterisk

and run these sequence of commands

dahdi show status

dahdi show channels[/code]