Cant hear CRBT and announcemt

Hi all,

Good morning to everyone. I just configured a asterisk server to connect to our huawei softswitch via SBC. server is working fine. But i have a small problem. Wheich is i cant hear the far end crbt and announcement thru asterisk.
Hear is my setup.

PhoneA ------> Asterisk -----> SBC-------> Huawei softswitch --------> PSTN -------> PhoneB

all are sip connections. huawei softswitch to PSNT is ss7

When i observed the problem i found that RTP media not establish between to asterisk to softswitch before call get answer. It only connect the RTP stream when then call get answer. Untill phone call get answer asterisk send a ringback to phone A. thats not the real ring back tone which is generate from PSTN side.

Due to this case i cant hear any announcements or CRBT tone from asterisk side.

How can i solve the problem ?