Can't find basic setup docs


I’ve been researching on Astrisk for a while now and still having a bit of problems setting up my basic setup. I know how to get dailplans working properly (well, I found understable, clear documentation), but I simply can’t get the basic things to work (dailing in trough my VoIP account, for example).

For the time being (till everything is running), I’m using FWD, I want to use this with SIP. But I can’t find really good documentation on how to get the VoIP account setup and receive incoming calls (I only need an IVR, so outgoing is not necesary).

A tutorial on this, or someone pointing me in the right direction, would be great.



Right there in the Asterisk forum under “Docs”. Try this link:

[quote=“kenn10”]Right there in the Asterisk forum under “Docs”. Try this link:[/quote]Yes, but that all expects me to use a softphone or hardware phone, while I’m actually not using any phone on it (it’s only going to answer with prerecorded stuff). A phone connected physically is not even possible, because the server is in a datacenter :wink:.

So if I go trough that documentation, they are all doing stuff with redirecting to phone’s etc, but it’s not clear to me what I should do with no phone.


Have you lookeed here
Lots of info there