Can't dial out via pap2 using IAX

I’m using a pap2 because I think is an easy two ports extensions.

I had used it with trixbox and A@H and was able to dial out via my termination service which is IAX temination.

Now I’m using asterisk only and have my pap2 setup as extension 500 in sip and I’m able to call the number or extension and I have a dial tone but when I set up the termination as iax and the dial syntax in extensions I don’t even get an answer on the cli. When I try to dial any number I get a busy signal.

Maybe someone out there using a similar setup can tell me if I have to look for the extension in order to dial or what is it that I’m missing.

Thank you.

You may want to check the PAP2’s Dial Plan “matches” with the patten of your Asterisk’s extensions.

Unless you have a different version or something, the PAP2 is a SIP device. It has no idea how to “speak” IAX. I have one and just looked through all the configs to make sure I did not miss something before replying. It only uses SIP.

thanks gsmackay. I agree. What bothers me a bit is that a while back I was using the pap2 with trixbox and I was calling out using the same termination, I remember because I have to dial two zeros to dial out and it’s driving me crazy. This is just a small setup for the home. Maybe I was doing something different back then but I thank you because your correct it only uses sip. Now I’m very temptec to set up trixbox with a2billing and see if that makes a difference somehow.

Thanks again. Hey…and Happy New Year.

Hello My friend,
I hope the new Year finds you well, Did u spoil, your new grand baby for the holidays???

Let me if I get this, your VOIP provider is use IAX correct.

You are just using the PAP2 as a exten off you box, correct.
All you are doing is setting a sip exten 500 and can not get it to dial out, right??

post your confs for the exten as well as the sip.conf nat settings.

Hello and thank you bubba, Happy new year to you and yours and yes, we had a blast.

bubba, out of desperation or just having time to spare I installed freepbx last night to see if it would make a difference and the GUI would install something I missed but it did not. I’m at square one. I know the pap2 is a sip but back when I was using trixbox the darn thing worked for some reason.

I have it setup as an extension which I change back and forth between 500 and the did number just to see what works, I can call in, have dial tone but busy signal when I dial any format of numbers. As I said before I’m tempted to install trixbox to see if it works and then check the logs for anything that makes it work if does now.

Do you still want me to post the ext. and configurations?

Thanks bubba.

OK I have not used a PAP2 device.
I am assuming you are at home on the same LAN as the asterisk box

You have asterisk up and running with FPBX installed

You would go in a create a SIP EXTEN 500 / set it as nat= no

now in the pap2 device it will ask you a few things
Proxy and Registration, change the Proxy to reflect the address of your Asterisk box … c153293017

If you want to test the PAP2 with the demo1 box.
I can setup a SIP exten for you.

Thanks again bubba, I’ll give it a try that way and let you know.

Thanks again.