Can't decide which route to take!

Hi Guys,

Long time since I used asterisk and now I’m wanting to use it again for my work.
Basically, at present much of my time is spent onsite and away from pstn telephone.
I want to use my landline as my main number because people are still insecure about ringing mobile numbers because of the cost. Secondly it looks better from a business point of view if you have a landline number advertised.

So I got myself an Ericcson F250M off fleabay.
Unfortunately it doesn’t work as I wanted.
I though I would have been able to simply plug it into the pstn line and have it automatically forward calls to my mobile.
It doesn’t work as there is no damn fxo port on it only fxs.

Looking around I see there are a number of devices, mainly from Portech i.e. MT-350 which can do exactly what I want.
But that is double the price of this one I bought.

So it got me thinking! When pushing calls out of the gsm gateway there is some delay before the call takes place. I’m sure on newer devices this delay is much less. However, I figured the best way would be to integrate asterisk. That way I can offer some voice prompts or menus to fill in the delay so the client doesn’t hang-up thinking nothing is happening.

So my choices are!

Sell the Ericcson F250M and buy a Portech MT350. - May still have delay problems!
Give the client feedback and peace of mind using asterisk pbx connected to pstn then forward calls through the gsm gateway.

If I go with asterisk that gives me another two questions.
Do I buy something like the Atcom IP02 with two fxos (1 for pstn, 1 for connecting to gsm gateway fxs port). This will cost me around £180 but am not certain of the quality of these boxes as I can find little info or reviews.

ALternatively, spend more money and integrate everything i.e. Buy a micro atx motherboard (fanless around 600MHz embedded cpu probably) Install pci Openvox (or similar) fxo modules. Later I could then get a pci gsm gateway to make it all in one box. Downside is all that would probably cost me about £320-£400.

I don;t know what to do. Cost is an issue but so is reliability and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, I like the idea of follow me feature. I could save money integrating the gsm gateway and using the erricson, but I think I would get better quality and easier time setting it up from and integrated unit.

Any thoughts?