Can't create Trunk with digium GUI

Hello NG

When I try to create a trunk in digium asterisk gui, I get an error message

I tried it with different explorers but its still the same error.

Meldung: ‘basic’ is undefined
Zeile: 1192
Zeichen: 10
Code: 0

I checked the file but there seam nothing to be wrong. Line 1192 is } else if (basic === ‘FromProvider’) {

case 'sip':
	if (!trunk.hasOwnProperty('host')) {
		top.log.error('pbx.trunks.add: required variable host not found.');
		return false;

	if (basis === 'GUIAssigned') {
		name = this.nextAvailTrunk();
	} else if (basic === 'FromProvider') {
		name = trunk.trunkname;

Some ideas?

Thanks Ramon

Try grabbing the latest trunk. If you still have an issue and you know its a bug open a bug report @