Cant call out off Xlite softphone on Freebpx

  1. I am unable to call outside my dial pattern is [X.] i am allowing everything

  2. when i call from external i can get the calls in, on the hardware tho and on these phones i can have a 2 way conversation well as for the soff phones i can hear them but they cant hear me.
    One way comm.

  3. just cant call out i will paste the debug from the sip trunk peer if anyone needs.

Will appreciate any input am a newbie.

Please show me some debug commands too.

htttp:// for FreePBX problems.

One way audio, is usually related to NAT issue.

related to the dial out issue, You haven’t post any cli output so we can get what is the issue.

Notice, that FreePBX is hard to debug due to the complex dial plan. As was suggested before, visit FreePBX support forum