Cannot Setting Arnex IP phone UC2006

Please help if you in any concern
Now my company have Arnex IP phone UC2006 but we cannot setup them

  1. cannot set number or SIP ( it say timeout while insert internal Number)
  2. I already compare setting with old one that we used but firmware difference
    *** PS old firmware is V1.7.402.200
    New firmware is V2.3.699.350

By the way, May i get Arnex setup manual or do you have any suggestion

I’m not familiar with that model or line of phones. You may get lucky and someone around here will know of it, but it certainly isn’t widespread from my experience.

You should probably contact the manufacturer for assistance. If they aren’t available or you don’t have support from them, then I would consider buying a supported model of phones.

I’m clearly biased, but I’m a fan of Digium phones.

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