Cannot make or receive call using PRI line through redfone

Hi! I facing a problem that when I make call it always said the line is busy and I get the below message in the asterisk CLI screen. Please someone help me on this error. Thank you

Mar 4 14:29:12] WARNING[7533]: chan_dahdi.c:14475 pri_dchannel: PRI Error on span 1: We think we’re the CPE, but they think they’re the CPE too.


Please contact your hardware vendor for assistance with this error.


You probably misconfigured the signalling in chan_dahdi.conf. Confirm your settings with the telco again. I believe you are using Signalling=pri_net, which is not correct. Use pri_cpe instead and then check. Here is a sample piece of code from chan_dahdi.conf

channel => 1-15, 17-31