Cannot install Asterisk-addons

I downloaded asterisk via trunk (svn) (i don’t know a way to figure out the version of asterisk, before installing !!). I did the same with asterisk-addons.
I’ve already installed bluetooth drivers and my bluetooth dongle works like a charm.
I am trying to install asterisk-addons and i get errors when i type make command. First the errors was about chan_mobile.c. I then unchecked this channel to be installed from make menuselect list, but i get the same errors on other channel (chan_ooh323).

What is going on? Is all this about bluetooth drivers ?

The errors i get are like the following:

“initializer element is not constant”
(near initilization for 'cli_ooh323[0].cmda[0])

or the same with cli_mobile[0].cmda[0]

Thanks for your time,

Hi, can you post the error message and the ten lines before it.